Choosing a Gantry

If you need a gantry crane at your worksite, you will have to decide which one is best for the task you need it to perform. There are many companies which make gantries and so you will have to try and decide which one makes the best overhead gantry cranes and then see which different ones they have to offer. One of the largest manufacturers of gantry cranes is Ellsen and they have a very extensive range to choose from. Some of the different things you will have to consider when deciding which gantry would be best for you are:

  • Location – Where will the gantry be operating, more specifically; do you need a rail mounted gantry, a gantry which can be fixed to the ceiling, a gantry with rubber tires to allow it more versatility of where it can operate or will you be using it in several different locations?
  • Weight – What are the heaviest weights you will require the gantry to lift? Ellsen place their gantries in two categories with lifting capacities of 1 ton to 10 tons being placed in the small lift category and the capability to lift weights from 10 tons to 200 tons being placed in the heavy lift category.
  • Weather Conditions – Although most gantries can be operated in a variety of weather conditions, Ellsen offer a gantry which is specifically designed to operate at times when the winds are strong. This is a popular choice of gantry for docks that are located on coastlines that experience strong winds on a regular basis.

Once you have taken all these different factors into consideration, you should be able to find a gantry on Ellsen’s website which will exactly fit your needs.

When using any type of gantry, safety is a major concern and so whatever restrictions the manufacturer places on the use of your chosen gantry, you should abide by them. Ellsen do of course take the safety of their gantries into consideration and so it is for that reason that their largest gantry, capable of lifting as much as 200 tons, has two cantilevers built into its bridge. One of the dangers with using a gantry is that the weight it lifts places too much strain on the gantry’s legs. Named because of its cantilevers in the bridge, the cantilever gantry is able to reduce strain on the legs due to the cantilevers. Although another gantry they offer also can lift 200 tons, does not have counter levers, the double girder gantry has two girders which also reduce strain on the gantry’s les. Often the double girder gantry is used as a single girder gantry, reducing costs, until the second girder is needed for the heavier weights. The gantries in the small lift category often only vary in size, depending on whether you want to lift just 1 ton or 10 tons. In all the gantries manufactured by Ellsen, regardless of size, safety has always been a concern during the design stages.

Which Supercar Hire Service to Go to in the UK?

Cars are machines that lot of people really love. To most people; cars are utilitarian properties and that it is great to have them due to the fact that they will be able to take you from point A to point B fast and with as little hassle as possible. To some people however; cars are more than just machines that they ride on and want to have a car that is fast and looks really great as well. Not only do such cars allow you to get to places that you want to go faster and in a more convenient manner; having a nice car can also be of some boost to your social status as well.
The reality however is that the cars that a lot of people want to have like supercars and luxury cars, are quite expensive to have and are really out of reach for a majority of people.

If you are a real car guy however and there is this one supercar that you really want to experience even for just a short period of time then renting the supercar that you want is probably one of the closest ways for you to achieve this dream of yours.

If you are in the UK then there definitely are a lot of supercars driving around and that you will be able to be one of them by going to a supercar rental service to pick a supercar to drive even for just a day or even for just a few hours. Now there are definitely a lot of such supercar hire service available in the country but of the many ones available; it is Phantom Hire that you will want to pick.

One of the main reasons for you to pick Phantom Hire is that they offer a wide variety of cars for you to rent. There are supercars from some of the most iconic brands in the automotive industry, including Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Audis and many more. Also, if you are looking for more formal and luxury vehicles then there are cars like the Rolls Royce Phantom which you can hire.

Aside from the variety of vehicles for you to choose from; what’s great about the service is that you will be able to pick from packages that Phantom Hire offers. These packages can have a number of variables that you can adjust including the type of car that you want to borrow, how long you want to borrow it, if you want a driver for the car or not. These packages can also vary in price depending on the options that you tick.
With the different types of cars that you can rent as well as packages that you can customize to your own needs; you will really be able to get the car that you want to rent or use for a certain occasion in a price that will most likely be able to fit your budget for the car rental that you want to do.

What Tools do you want to have in Your Garage?

The garage is the primary place where you store your car. This function makes the garage truly one of the more important parts of your home; with a garage that is big and wide enough, you should be able to easily park your car and keep it safe and protected from the harshness that nature can bring.

It is common knowledge however that a garage is not only a place where you store your vehicle; it is also the place where you do your car related work including cleaning, maintenance as well as repairs. If you are very much into your car and you love to work on it then you will need to have a garage that is well equipped and that you will want to have a lot of tools at your disposal.

When you work at the different areas of your vehicle, especially yon the tight and cramped corners; probably one problem that you will most likely encounter is the lack of lighting in these tight spaces and that this issue can severely hinder your repair or maintenance work that you are doing to your vehicle. You will want to make sure then that your garage has adequate lighting to ensure smooth and distraction-free workflow. Also, you will want to make sure that you have an adequate number of flashlights and lamps available in your garage to make sure that you get all the spot lighting that you need when working in tight corners of your vehicle.

You will also want to make sure that you have an extensive collection of wrenches, screws, sockets and the like in your garage. When working with a vehicle, you undoubtedly need to contend with a myriad of screws, bolt types and many more so in order to ensure that you will be able to progress properly with the work that you are doing; you will want to make sure that you have all of the tightening and screwing tools and accessories that you need. It would also be very helpful if you have powered screw drivers and sockets as this will allow you to work while saving a lot of time and hassle in the process.

Probably the most complicated work that you can do with your vehicle is doing work on the engine and that if you will need to do a complete overhaul or extensive work then you will need to pull out the engine. In order to facilitate this process, you will need to get an engine hoist that will allow you to easily secure, lift and then work on the engine and then put it back on. For the best engine hoists that you can get, you will want to visit The website offers a lot of different engine hoists as well as a wide array of Cherry Picker ranges. With the website, looking for the perfect engine hoist that best suits your garage and fits your needs should be a very easy task to do.

Quality Paint Booths to ensure Maximum Performance and Efficiency

Modern paint and coating systems require quality Paint Booths to ensure a high quality coating finish. Manufacturers rely on the technology of spray painting and paint booths to satisfy the needs of present-day consumers for surface finish quality. However, paint booth systems need significant attention to maintenance to ensure booth performance and final paint quality. A decline in system performance will result in an increase maintenance costs and negative impact to the performance of the paint booths.

The effects of sludge deposition on booth equipment
The operations of the paint booth are compromised by the presence of sludge in the equipment and the booth itself. Buildup of sludge on flood sheets will affect water distribution and can lead to open gaps where overspray can make its way into scrubbing chamber and up the stacks. Booth balance will be severely affected and can potentially impact on the quality of coating finish. A buildup of sludge in the piping system will restrict water flow. Paint sludge when it reaches the stacks is a signal that the balance of the paint booth has been compromised and sludge will eventually exit the stacks to negatively impact on the nearby environment. The ultimate result will be the need to shutdown the system, clean out the sludge and dispose of it according to local environmental regulations.

The importance of water chemistry in paint booths
Many paint booths are operated using the water-based systems to remove overspray. To ensure that the system will run efficiently, there must be a fully functional and properly designed sludge handling equipment as well as an application of a booth chemical program that matches with the equipment. If certain key parameters are overlooked even the best chemical program is bound to fail. The key parameters that have to be given attention include pH, alkalinity, total dissolved solids, conductivity, turbidity and suspended solids.

pH is the measure of acidity of an aqueous solution and in order to maintain pH within a prescribed range, there must be paintdetackification and sludge conditioning polymers. If pH is outside of the optimum range it can increase the amount of suspended solids or result into loss of sludge dryness and increased foaming. Total alkalinity is the amount of acid necessary to bring the pH of a sample to 4.2. In many cases pH and alkalinity are related in maintaining an alkalinity level otherwise the same issues will be present if there is an out of range level of alkalinity.

Not all paint booths are the same and at some point, high conductivity in the paint booth water can have the same impact as total dissolved solids in increasing suspended solids, paint deposition, watery sludge and the potential for foaming. Conductivity is also affected by temperature; the warmer the temperature the higher will be conductivity. High conductivity can increase the potential for corrosion in the metal surfaces of the system.
High levels of turbidity caused by solids suspended in water can lead to less paint sludge being removed during the process. High turbidity will also trigger formation of high levels of foam.